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Engine Block Blueprinting Crankshaft Grinding And Services
Performance Engine Parts Piston Valves Blocks


At Rodland's Crank Grinding Service, we offer a variety of high performance services for domestic and sport compacts. From CNC blueprinting blocks to line boring, we can help you with your engine needs. Discover a variety of name-brand engine parts and performance products at our machine shop.

CNC Blueprinting Blocks
We thermo clean the block and then steel shot your engine to give it a like-new finish and stress relief. Then we digitally probe out the cam and main location. we digitally probe the  block for the location of the cylinder bores and deck heights. Once completed, we square deck the block and then reposition all the cylinder bores to blueprint specs. Next, we chamfer at the top of cylinders. The block is then honed with deck plates in a Sunnen SV 10 CNC Diamond Hone. Diamond honing is used for better precision.

Engine Block Machine Service Work

CNC Blueprint Package
CNC Blueprint Prep. 4 Cyl.
Hone Only Per Cylinder
Bore and Hone Per Cylinder
Line Bore Mains
Line Bore Mains w/CNC Package
Mill/Surface Deck
O Ring Deck
Install Sleeve/Plus Sleeve Per Cyl.
Install 4 Bolt Caps (Includes Line Bore)
Square Deck to Center Line of Main & Cam Bore
Install Main Studs Per Set
Drill and Tap Oil Galley Plugs
Pressure Check Block
Hard Block Fill
Install Cam Bearings
CNC Clearance Block for Stroker Crank/Rods
Surface Only (Per Side V6/V8)
Surface Only (4 Cly/ Inline 6)
Install Deck PlugsĀ (GM 400 Block)[each]
Sonic Check Block
Install Main Stud Girdle

Cylinder Head/Machine Service Work

Resurface Cylinder Head (Per Head)
Bake/Steelbrte/Mag Per Head
Install Hard ValveĀ Seats (Per Seat)
Cut Heads For Over Size Valves (Per Head)
Cut Valve Guides For PC Seals (Per Head)
Machine Spring Pocket (Per Head)
Mill/Tap For Screw In Rocker Studs V8
Pressure Check Cylinder Head (Per Head)
Port Match (Per Head)
Bowl-Blend Cylinder Head (Per Head)
CC One Combustion Chamber
CC One Intake Runner
Install Valve Guide Liners (Per Head)
CC All Combustion Chambers (Per Head)
CC All Intake Runners
Assemble Complete Each Head
Port Head Stage 1 (per Head)
Broken Stud Removal Each
Install Helicoil Each
Install Breather Hole Each Valve Cover
Port Head Stage 2 (PerHead)
Port Head Stage 3 (Per Head)

Crankshaft Grinding Machine Service Work

Grind Crankshaft
Hot Tank
Shot Peen
Special Crank Grinds
Stroker Offset Grinds
Micro Polish Crank Journals
Radius and Polish
Cross Drill Main Journals
Detail and Lighten
Drill and Tap Crank Snout
Straighten Crankshaft
Cut 1/4 Keyway in Snout
Lathe Cut Counter Weights
Connecting Rod/Machine Service
Resize Rods (Per Rod)
Hang and Align Rod To Piston Each
Shotpeen Rods V8 Set
Polish Rod Beams V8 Set 
Shotpeen/Polish Combination (Per V8 Set)
Float Rods Metal to Metal (Per V8 Set)
Rebush Factory Bushed Rods V8 Per Set
Pin Fit Rod/Piston Over Size
Magnaflux Rods (Per V8 Set)
Glass Peen Rods Set V8
Press Piston Off Rod Each
Press Piston Off Rod To Check Size And Clean Each
Check Bearing Clearance
Notch Rods For Cam Clearance On Stroker Crank Set



Balancing Service

Balance Inline 6 Cylinder
Balance V6 V8 
Balance 4 Cylinder
Balance Flywheel Or Damper Only
Cut Piston Dome (Per V8 Set)
Cut Piston Deck

Assembly Services

Short Block Build
Long Block Build
Complete Engine Build
File To Fit Ring Set
Degree Camshaft To Crank
Floating Hang/Align
Fill W/Oil/Filter/Prime Engine
Tack-Weld Oil Pickup
Bead Blast Intake Manifold

Other Options Include:

bulletMachine Registers
bulletDrill & Tap for Splayed Billet Main Caps
bulletClearance for Stroker Cranks
bulletIndex Lifter Bores
bulletCustom Block Lightening
bulletDarton Sleeve Systems
bulletSleeve Blocks
bulletBlock Repairs
bulletCustom CNC Machining for the Manufacture of Parts

Line Boring

We have a Berco BT6 Line Bore™. This line bore is use to bore  the main bores on an engine block. This is necessary to insure true, straight line bore and size.

Computerized Hines HC 500 Balancer™

This is for balancing crank shaft rotating assemblies. We can balance them to less than 1/2 of a gram!


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